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We all know the feeling of colorless routine days. We get up in the morning, we go to school or work, we come back tired in the evening and the next day we do it all over again. Well guess what? The time has come to end this vicious cycle and add some color into your everyday life.

Precious gemstones have for ages been associated with the powers of healing. The ColorUp Collection takes its starting point in the spiritual world and provides you with different gemstones that have the powers to heal you physically, spiritually, as well as emotionally.


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ColorUp Amazon (6mm)
600,00 DKK
ColorUp Amazon (8mm)
700,00 DKK
ColorUp Cape Town (6mm)
650,00 DKK
ColorUp Cape Town (8mm)
750,00 DKK
ColorUp Dubai (6mm)
650,00 DKK
ColorUp Dubai (8mm)
750,00 DKK
ColorUp Himalaya (6mm)
500,00 DKK
ColorUp Himalaya (8mm)
600,00 DKK

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