Precious Metals


  • Attracts honors, wealth, and happiness
  • Provides composure, stabilizes the emotional system, alleviates tension and stress, and intensifies positive feelings
  • Draws the light of the sun, which brings vitality and confidence to the wearer
  • Helps turning goals and dreams into reality
  • Helps control hormonal and chemical imbalances, and helps the brain work more efficiently
  • An excellent healer of both mind and body
  • Used for treatment of arthritis, skin cancer, blood disorders, heart diseases, spinal problems, as well as balancing the right and left side of the brain



  • Excellent for mental, emotional, and physical cleansing and release
  • Draws the light of the moon, which brings balance and calmness to the wearer
  • Draws negative energy out of the body and replaces it with positive energy
  • Increases strength of perception
  • Aids speech and public speaking
  • Reduces inflammation, fever, nervous system stress, and improves the blood circulation
  • Helps the lungs and throat, and reduces irritation by pollutants and other impurities in the air